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Collins of Mount Pleasant

Jo, April 2020:My great grandfather, William "Bill" Collins, lived in 6 Mount Pleasant, which must have been at the end. You wouldn't happen to know which end?

He is mentioned in the 1871 Census and is just 4 months old - along with his Father, Jeremiah, mother, Elizabeth and sister, also called Elizabeth.

He married a lady called Martha Raveney, also from the area, and eventually moved to Beckenham in Kent where they raised 12 children and began a HUGE family of Collinses in and around Bromley. Could you put a few words under both Collins and Raveney, please? I'll let you know more as and when I find out, but I would love it if any of the family contacted me.

If you have Collins or Raveney interests please get in touch and I will forward to Jo.

Mount Pleasant is one of the roads off Albany Road (formerly Back Lane). Read more about this area, includes photos.

The image below is from an OS map freely accessible on the National Library of Scotland website; it is at a scale of 1:1056, find out more.

OS map showing area south of Albany Road

The 1871 census followed this sequence; (y) = same order as in 1861, any variations are noted in brackets:

  • Paradise Place numbers 1-10 (y)
  • Cliff Cottages numbers 1 and 2 (y)
  • Wellington Place numbers 1-8 (y)
  • Mount Pleasant numbers 12-1 (7-12 then 1-6)
  • New Mount Pleasant (not mentioned)
  • Sussex Place numbers 1-10 (y)
  • Garden Cottages, four of, no numbers (1-4)
  • Albany Place numbers 3-1 (Albany Place West 1-3)

Comparing the list above with the map above, it shows the enumerator worked westwards, road by road, in both censuses.

After 10, Paradise Place, in 1861 and 1871 Cliff Cottages were recorded; it seems likely they are the two larger houses at the end of the terrace. This suggests no. 1 Paradise Place was at the junction with Albany Road.

Wellington Place was covered next. This may also be numbered from Albany Road but it is not certain.

Mount Pleasant was covered differently in 1861 and 1871. It was a row of six back-to-backs and it can be imagined that the enumerator would work his way along one side, go round the end and cover the other six.

In 1861 the enumerator started at number 7 and covered up to no. 12, then came down the other side to get number 1-6. After that he noted 'Back Road, 1 Sussex Place' as the next address, which confirms he had walked back to the Albany Road end to start at 1 Sussex Place. It points to no. 1, Mount Pleasant backing on to no. 12, both being at the Albany Road junction.

It is not clear where New Mount Pleasant's two houses were but presumably somewhere between Mount Pleasant and Sussex Place, and as they were not recorded in 1861 they may have been built between then and 1871.

Who lived on Mount Pleasant and what did they do?

The tables below shows who was living at numbers 1-12 in 1861 and 1871 with their birthplace:the majority were from Ireland (Ire) or Middlesex (Mdx), several were from Old Brentford (OB):
  1861 1871
No. Name, occupation, (birthplace) Name, occupation, (birthplace)
1 John Butcher labourer at gas works (Guildford, Surrey) William Wells bricklayers labourer (Ealing, Mdx)
2 John Clemens garden labourer (Ire) Daniel Keeffe ag labourer (Ire)
3 Mary Fitzgerald labourer in market garden (Ire) George Jeffrey labourer (OB, Mdx)
4 Harriet Brewer laundry woman (Hayes, Mdx) Timothy Aggland labourer (Ire)
5 William Langston labourer (OB, Mdx) Margaret Hickey (Ire)
6 Michael Bennett garden labourer (Liverpool, Lancs) Jeremiah Collins labourer (Chelsea, Mdx)
7 John Murphy garden labourer (Ire) Timothy Crowley labourer (Ire)
8 William Thompson labourer gas manufacturer (OB, Mdx) Thomas Barry labourer (Ire)
9 Nora Kennalley garden labourer (Ire) John Ryan garden labourer (Ire)
10 Thomas Lake labourer (Chiswick, Mdx) Simon Moles labourer (Oxf)
11 Mary Roberts garden labourer (Ealing, Mdx) Patrick Shave garden labourer (Ire)
12 John Cotton labourer (Edmonton, Mdx) George Keadell labourer (OB, Mdx)

The majority were labourers (22 out of 24), either in (market) gardens (8) or at the gas works (2); those simply recorded as 'labourer' may have been in building work - houses or roads. The 'ag labourer' may have worked on a farm rather than in a market garden.

The residents from 1861 had moved away by 1871: there are no surnames that appear at Mount Pleasant in both censuses.


I reckon 6, Mount Pleasant was at the south-western end of the terrace. The population was quite fluid and there was a good representation of Irish-born people here in 1861 and 1871.

Published April 2020