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Brentford Families - Buck and Piggott


Pam Marsh forwarded her mum Eileen Parks memories:
These are mum's (Eileen Parks nee Piggott, born 1920) recollections in May 1999.

In January 2015 Elaine Coles, a granddaughter of Frank Bennett and Emily Buck, added some further details about the family, these are bracketed between (EC).

Buck relations

Mum's mum, of course, was Elizabeth Buck (born 1889).

She had 4 brothers and sisters (so some must have died to make her the seventh [the 1891 census shows two elder brothers not mentioned below: Alfred Buck and Amos Buck]).

The eldest was Sarah Buck (1885) who married a man called Bracey Ives, who worked in great-grandfather Buck's stables. They had a son, also Bracey (don't know the real spelling and can't think of a real name like it [there is a marriage of Sarah Ann Buck to James Brace G Ive in Brentford Registration District, 1906]) who had severe asthma caused by sleeping in with the horses when they were ill. (!) They lived in Lakewood Road, Brentford.

Next came Harry Buck (1887), who was a gambler.

Next came Jack (1891), who worked at Barrow-in-Furness, Lancs, piloting ships in and out of the harbour. He had a son, Frank.

Next came Elizabeth, Eileen Piggott's mother (1889)

then Emily - Aunt Em (1896). She married Frank Bennett [1915, Brentford Registration District] who was something important at Kew gardens. (EC): he later went to the employ of Sir Ian Gilmour at Ferry House in Isleworth where he stayed until he retired.(EC) Their children were Frank, Leslie, Gwen, Beryl and Diane; (EC) also Joan (EC). Em died when Diane was 2, of throat cancer; (EC) this was in 1938; it was Joan who was 2 (EC). Leslie died in a Japanese POW camp (EC) on Haroekoe Island in the then Dutch East Indies, in 1943 at the age of 25. He is buried in the Ambon War Cemetery in Indonesia. (EC)

Elizabeth's father, as you know, was Alfred Buck. He was short and fat with a little beard and used to sit on the windowsill of his office. He owned canal boats, the wharf and stables, was well-to-do and had servants. He had been a captain in the navy. He lived in a big house just before Brentford Bridge and had his own offices.


Stepmother Buck

His wife was Elizabeth's stepmother. I don't know much about her because she was too snobby to have anything to do with the family, and I know nothing at all about the real mother. [There is a marriage of Alfred Buck to either Lydia Riddle or Sarah Ann Newell in Brentford Registration District in 1905, a couple of years after the death of Alfred's first wife Emily in 1903]

The stepmother had children, Gertie, Florence and Walter, some of whom (possibly Walter) may have been Alfred's also. These stepchildren spent mumís grandad's money so Elizabeth did not get her 3 figure inheritance.


Piggott family memories

Now for my grandad Harold Piggott (1895). He had 2 sisters, Agnes Piggott (the eldest, 1891) and Vera Piggott [1904?], and a brother, Charlie Piggott.

Vera, the youngest child (1904?), married a man called Harry Setterfield, who was in the navy. They had a son named Alfie. After Vera died Harry bought a pub in Margate. (interestingly enough, Setterfield is quite a common name now in Thanet).

Charlie married Aunt Flo and they lived at 3 Clyde Place, Dartmouth Road, Forest Hill. Their children were Cis, Bernard and Charlie. Charlie was a very big man, an army PT instructor.

Grandad's father was a drunkard, which caused grandad to say he would never drink and he didn't. Grandad's mother was possibly also called Agnes. [In 1901 a Charles J Piggott, lighterman, was living in The Ham, Brentford with his wife Agnes and children including Harold Piggott, aged 6; there is a marriage of a Charles James Piggott and Agnes Mary Cooper in Brentford RD in 1885]

Piggott family tree

By taking the above memories and using FreeBMD and web sites it is possible to put together a Piggott family tree. Since Pam Marsh made contact, Jo Pollard, another descendant of the Piggott family has been in touch.

Charles James Piggott (ca 1857/1860 - ): born in Strand on the Green (1891 census) / Chiswick (1901 census); possibly married Susan Elizabeth Carter in Fulham in 1878; in 1881 he was living in Mount Pleasant, Old Brentford with his wife Susan and son Charles aged 7 months; Susan Elizabeth Piggott died in 1883 aged 24; Charles then married Agnes Mary Cooper in Brentford Registration District in 1885; in 1891 and 1901 he was living on The Ham; he was a waterman / lighterman; children included:

  • Charles Henry Piggott (1880 - ): corporal in Woolwich in 1901; married Florrie or Florence Watson in 1908, Brentford RD; three children
  • Agnes Hilda Piggott (ca 1891 - ): married George William Alefounder in 1917, Brentford RD; twins; Agnes Hilda Alefounder died during the WW2 bombing; they had three children:
    • George Valentine Alefounder (1920 - 1949): married; father of Josephine Agnes Alefounder
    • Vera Hilda Alefounder (1920) (twins): married Laurence Sharod and they had a son Anthony
    • Irene Agnes Alefounder (1922): 'Rene' moved to Bracknell when they built the new town
  • Harold J Piggott (ca 1895 - ): married Elizabeth Estep in 1919, Brentford RD
  • Alfred Piggott (ca 1896/7 - ): possibly Alfred George Piggott whose birth was registered in the first quarter if 1898 - although his age was 4, not 3, in the 1901 census; there is a death registered of Alfred George Piggott in 1907, aged 9
  • Vera Piggott (1904 - ): married Harry Setterfield, one son:
    • Alfie Setterfield


    Pam writes 'I don't vouch for the accuracy of this, but mum was quite clear on most of it.'


    Published June 2008; updated January 2015