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Brentford Families - Brooks

Sally Douglas has researched her Brooks family of Isleworth and Brentford. In 2015 Keith Brown added details of the family of William Brooks and Elizabeth PEARCE.

Andrew Brooks (bap. 23 Jun 1771,Aston Rowant, Oxfordshire, son of Andrew & Ann); married (1) Jane PINKEY 17/5/1797 in Saint Leonard Heston, Middlesex, Jane d: 08 Feb 1798 in Isleworth; married (2) Ann Brooks (c1780 - about 1839) 29/4/1798 in Saint Mary, Teddington, Surrey; Andrew died on 17/10/1848 and was buried at All Saints Isleworth. Their children were

  • Ann Brooks (11/2/1803 Isleworth, died 1875/85 Uxbridge Moor); married Richard CROCKETT (c1779 Hillingdon, Berkshire) on 4/9/1824 Isleworth; 5 children
    • Mary Crockett 23/12/1824 Isleworth - died 10 Dec 1868 at Uxbridge
    • George Crockett 29/10/1828 Isleworth - died September, 1876 at Uxbridge Moor
    • Andrew Crockett c1834 Uxbridge Moor, Hillingdon - died after 1901
    • Charlotte Crockett c1839 St Laurence, Cowley, Uxbridge Moor - died Mar 1839 Hillingdon
    • Joseph Brooks Crockett c1844 Middlesex - died Sep 1845 Uxbridge Moor, Hillingdon
  • Jane Brooks (8/3/1806 Isleworth); married William LASSAM (c1806) on 25/12/1829 at Isleworth; William died in Sep quarter 1848 at Brentford and Jane died in June qtr 1865 at Brentford; they had seven children; one, Joseph Brooks Lassam (13/5/1839 Isleworth), died in 1840 at Brentford
  • Mary Ann Brooks (8/3/1806 Isleworth); married James WOODLEY c Nov 1803 at Ashampstead, Berkshire on 18/8/1826 at Isleworth; they had nine children, two of whom were born at Brentford
    • Henry Woodley 4/7/1842, a Waterman and Lighterman on the Thames
    • Joseph Augustus Woodley 10/12/1843
    • Another of their children George Woodley died in 1877 at Brentford
  • John Brooks 17/7/1808 Isleworth (John Brooks was a gardener and then later in life a greengrocer) - married Sarah Ann COLLINS c1811 Twickenham, Middlesex in 1831 at Heston, Middlesex; in the 1841 census he was a gardener at Isleworth; in 1861 a greengrocer, Isleworth; in 1871 a greengrocer in Twickenham; his wife Sarah Ann died in 1883 at Brentford and John died in 1885 at Brentford; John Brooks wrote a testimonial for an ophthalmic ointment around 1832; they had 5 children:
    • Elizabeth Brooks (c1831 Twickenham) married William Henry BALL (c1833 St Pancras, Middlesex) in Brentford, 1855; Elizabeth died in Brentford in 1902
    • Emma Brooks (c1834)
    • William Brooks (16/3/1836 Isleworth) married Frances MORDEN (c1838 Twickenham) in Brentford, 1860; William died 20 July, 1921, death registered Edmonton Registration District
    • Emma Brooks (4/11/1839 Brentford), married William MEADES (c1837 Iver, Buckingham) in 1862; Emma died in Brentford in 1900, William around 1910
    • Maria Elizabeth Brooks (1843 Brentford) married Thomas BALL (born 1840 Marylebone, Middlesex) in 1863 at Brentford, Middlesex - Thomas was a brother of William Henry Ball (c1833 St Pancras, Middlesex); Maria died Mar qtr 1927 Brentford
  • Andrew Brooks (11/4/1811 Isleworth); Andrew Brooks was a gardener/labourer and then a policeman with the Metropolitan Police - V Division - Wadsworth in Surrey; he died at St Nicholas Parish, Thames Ditton, Surrey in 1848; married Susan/Susanna HAYLOCK (1/10/1810 Suffolk) in 1833 at Heston; children:
    • George Brooks b: 05 Sep 1834 in Isleworth, Middlesex; Sally has provided some early photos of George including an exceptional one dating from the mid-1850s showing him in military uniform having recently fought in the Crimean War
    • Richard Haylock Brooks b: 31 Dec 1836 in Isleworth, Middlesex d: 09 Dec 1903 in Clifton Hill, Victoria, Australia; married Caroline WOODLEY b: 15 Jul 1837 in Middlesex m: 04 Sep 1859 in England d: 12 Jun 1912 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
    • Susan Brooks b: 14 Feb 1839 in Brentford, Isleworth, Middlesex d: 11 Jul 1905 in Fitzroy South, Victoria, Australia; married John BROOMFIELD b: 26 Mar 1829 in Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland m: 24 Aug 1865 in Yuille Street, Baptist Church, Ballarat West, Victoria d: 13 Aug 1885 in 59 Wellington Street, Collingwood, Victoria; Sally Douglas is descended through this family - more details about Susan here
    • Ann Elizabeth Brooks b: 09 Aug 1841 in Thames Ditton, Surrey, (Kingston) England d: 1910 in Wandsworth, London, Middlesex; married James CROCKFORD b: Abt. 1814 in Esher, Surrey m: 1863 in Brentford, Isleworth, Middlesex d: 1886 in Brentford,Isleworth, Middlesex
    • Martha Brooks b: 1844 in Thames Ditton, Surrey, (Kingston) England d: 1844 in Thames Ditton, Surrey
    • Ann Maria Brooks b: 1845 in Thames Ditton, Surrey, (Kingston) England d: 1847 in Thames Ditton, Surrey
    • Martha Charlotte Brooks b: 14 Mar 1845 in Thames Ditton, Surrey d: 1913 in Willsden, Middlesex; married Daniel Charles DOBSON b: 1845 in Portland Town or Marylebone,Middlesex London m: 1865 in Marylebone, Middlesex d: 1891 in Marylebone, Middlesex
  • George Brooks (25/8/1813 Isleworth)
  • Maria Brooks (5/3/1816 Isleworth); married Joseph SANSOM (c1816 Bow, Essex) in 1835 at Heston; they had ten children and Maria died in 1855; by 1856 Joseph Sansom had married again to Jane Brodie (nee Craig) ROBINSON in Lambeth Registration District; Joseph died in 1859; William Norman Trevor Sansom, 1912-1976, a short-story write and novelist, was a descendant of this family; William Sansom (William Norman Trevor Sansom) Biography - (1912-76), (William Norman Trevor Sansom), New Writing, Horizon, Fireman Flower, South, The Passionate North; The Philippine Reporter has (as at 2023) a piece about an encounter with William Sansom: use search facility for 'sansom'
  • Edward Brooks (23/5/1818 Isleworth, d. 1886, Isleworth); in 1851 Edward was a Labourer in a Cement factory in Isleworth; married Jane FINALL (c1821 Isleworth, d. 1859) in 1841 at Brentford; children:
    • Maria Brooks b: Dec 1840 in Brentford, Isleworth, Middlesex
    • Nancy/Ann Brooks b: 08 Jun 1843 in Brentford, Isleworth, Middlesex
    • Elizabeth Catharine Brooks b: 29 May 1845 in Isleworth, Middlesex d: 12 Nov 1845 in Isleworth, Middlesex
    • Joseph Brooks b: 21 Oct 1846 in Isleworth, Middlesex
  • Joseph Brooks (2/4/1820 Isleworth)

Although many of the records (re Brooks) state "Isleworth" (including many Brooks records not referred to here) I believe that this Brooks family from 1800 to 1880 (and even well into the 1900's) was concentrated heavily at and around Brentford.


Other Brooks sightings in Brentford

A number of people have mentioned Brooks ancestry, the following are roughly in birthdate order:

born 1750 - 1799

  • Mrs Ann Brooks, almswoman, aged 70 at the St Georges Almshouses, 1851 census
  • Henry B Brooks, born around 1799, Essex; surgeon and apothecary at 278 High Street in 1851; he had four sons and a daughter born locally between 1842 & 1849
  • William Brooks W 83 M Inmate Agricultural Labourer Cooksom, Oxford (Brentford Union Workhouse, 1881)

Born 1800 - 1849

  • Isaac Brooks, born around 1840, a baker who lived at 30 High Street in 1881 and 1891 censuses
  • William Brooks, born around 1847, Brentford married Elizabeth PEARCE and lived in Poplar in 1871; at the Royal Tar, 3 High Street Brentford in 1881, lighterman). (See Pearce family page for more details of Elizabeth's family).
    In 2015 Keith Brown added the following Brooks family details: the Brooks were from Brentford and with other members of family were connected to the river; William and Elizabeth Brooks had 6 children:
    • William Brooks no children
    • John Brooks m Alice 6 sons lived at Kingston
    • James Brooks no children
    • Maud Elizabeth Brooks m Henry MATHIESON 1903 St Pauls Brentford both from Brentford; they had 4 children
    • Eleanor Brooks m George MACE a waterman who drowned, had daughter. Eleanor remarried Jim SAMSON, King Head Hotel Kew Bridge
    • Bertha Brooks b1890 d 1955 m Frederick Victor TURNER b1887 d 1957, grandparents to Keith; 3 daughters

    Mum (Maud Elizabeth Brooks) and Isaac Brooks (Elizabeth Pearce's brother) were directors of Pears soap where flowers were grown for perfume.
    William son of William and Elizabeth sometimes rowed the ferry boat across to Ferry gate Kew.

Born 1850 - 1899

  • George Brooks, born around 1849/50, either Spilsby Lincs (1881 / 1891 censuses) or Limehouse London (1901 census); he was living at 70 High Street Brentford with his family of 9 children and a lodger in 1901. His daughter, Daisy Brooks, remained in Brentford. George's descendant, Patricia Whelan: my paternal grandfather, George Henry Brooks, moved with his family to Brentford from Camberwell in 1880. By the time he married my Grandmother, according to their marriage certificate, he was living with his family at no. 70 High Street, Brentford. That was in 1902. My mum was born in 1911, the fourth child of eight, in Old Spring Gardens, just across the road from the High Street. (Patricia Whelan)
  • Alfred BROOKS U 2 M Inmate No Occupation Brentford, Middlesex (Brentford Union Workhouse 1881)
  • Miss Eliza Brooks, general shop, 398 High Street (1899/1900 directory)
  • In 1889, Brentford Registration District, Horace James BALDOCK (born 1862 Eastbourne?) married Elizabeth Brooks, dau. of Elijah Brooks and I believe a Phoebe ROGERS. (Jim Porteous)
  • Daisy Brooks, born about 1885 Brentford, daughter of George and Mary Ann Brooks. She had 8 siblings. In 1901 Daisy was living with her parents and siblings at 70 High Street, Brentford aged 16 -occupation "Dressmaker"; she later ran a shop at 235 High Street (Dee Tickner)
  • Gilbert John Brooks born about 1889 (my great grandfather's brother), 131 High St, in the 1901 census, assistant pawnbroker to Hannah GENTRY; Gilbert died in early 1902 at the age of just 23 (Luke Howes)


August 2009, last updated February 2023