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Brentford Families - Hierons


Donald HATCH, now living abroad, writes:
Early 19th century longcase clock; the ship goes back and forth over the dials'My great great grandmother was Elizabeth HIERONS, born in 1773 and died in 1857. She married Robert HATCH, a farmer of Chalfont St Peter, in 1807.

She came from Boston farm in New Brentford and the family story is that her family were Market Gardeners, and that each of the three daughters (there were 10 children in all) got a longcase clock and £1000 as a wedding dowry.

I do at least still have the clock, by UPJOHN of Brentford, see photos.'

'Donald forwarded his research which showed that, despite it being an unusual name, there are many occurrences in the parish records of Isleworth, Twickenham, Uxbridge and Wandsworth.

One complication is the variations in spelling: HIERONS, HIRONS, HEIRONS and HYRONS for example.

(Register transcription errors don’t help either, for example Robert HATCH was misspelled back in 1807 as HITCH and HIERONS in FreeBMD as HIEROSE)

Clockface, showing 'Upjohn Brentford'

'Donald's ancestor grew up at Boston Farm, New Brentford, and close to Isleworth. 'Boston Farm was situated in Boston Road (now Boston Manor Road) which was just a leafy rural lane until the farm was demolished in 1928 and new houses built'. ( 'Brentford Past' by Gillian Clegg). A photo showing the farm before 1905 is included in 'Brentford and Chiswick As It Was' and another from a similar date in 'The Archive Photo Series Brentford' by Carolyn and Peter Hammond.


HIERONS research

Donald's has compiled the following Information on his HIERONS line from available records.

'The Isleworth parish registers were damaged by water and some records lost, but Elizabeth HATCH’s parents were John and Elizabeth HIERONS. The Isleworth registers included baptisms of their following children. Elizabeth in 1773, Sarah in 1776, William in 1778 and 1779, Charles in 1781, Sarah in 1786, Richard in 1789. Presumably the first Sarah and William died in infancy. Family legend talks of 10 children in all; and John’s will, proved in 1817, mentioned sons John and George and daughter Mary, whose baptisms have not been found. Sarah became a GLADWIN, Mary a GUNNER and Elizabeth a HATCH.

'John was a farmer of Boston Farm, New Brentford; the farm was owned by the CLITHEROW family. There are various possibilities for his birth, all uncertain, and no record of his wedding to Elizabeth, or of his death at the end of 1816.

'In 1802 the London Metropolitan Archives (ACC/1360/239/03) give 'Particulars of Boston Farm occupied by John HIERONS'. In the 1810/11 survey of New Brentford John HIERONS is recorded immediately after James CLITHEROW; John HIERONS headed a household of ten people including himself, 7 men and 3 women, and he was employed in agriculture; the 6 men in addition to John were probably his 5 sons but could include farm workers. In 1826 the trade directory shows 'Dorrington' living at Boston Farm.

'John was probably a widower when he died for he left the bulk of his estate, including freehold estate in Horn Lane and in Great Mogdon field to his sons John and Richard and legacies of between 50 and 400 pounds to John and his other 6 children.

'Although not proven there is good reason to think that the following information on John and George HIERONS relates to two of the children mentioned above:

  1. John HIERONS (“of Gunnersbury” as mentioned in his father’s will)

    died aged 62 in 1828, so if related was born as first son about 1765. He married Sarah Byng (maiden name unknown) who died aged 73 in 1844. Their children were John (who died in 1826 aged 16 so was alive as the grandson John son of John mentioned in the will of 1816) and 4 other children all of whom died young. This information comes from tombstones at Isleworth church. The will of John HIERONS, market gardener of Ealing was proved in November 1828 at London Consistory Court; he was buried at All Saints, Isleworth, aged 62 on 2 September 1828

  2. George and Elizabeth HIERONS (of Isleworth and Heston)

    A baptism for George HIERONS of Isleworth, the son of John and Elizabeth, has not been found, but his birth year would have been about 1783 (see below) and that fits with the gap in baptisms noted above, and also with the order the children are mentioned in John’s will. George married Elizabeth WARMAN at St Andrew, Holborn in 1818, by licence; the family moved from Isleworth to Heston around 1830 (their youngest child was baptised at Heston in 1831) and George and Elizabeth 'HIRONS' lived at George IV Road, Heston in 1851. There are 8 baptisms between 1819 and 1828 at Isleworth All Saints, and one baptism at Heston 1831. George's occupation was 'yeoman' or 'market gardener'.

    George was a dairyman by 1851, his birthplace Brentford and two of his sons living at home were also dairymen. He died in the last quarter of 1851 and was buried in the Chapelry of Hounslow, aged 68. Assuming his age was accurate then he was born around 1783 and could well be a son of John and Elizabeth, as mentioned above.


Other HIERONS information

1) William and Mary Ann HIERONS (of Heston)
Pallot's Baptism Index includes 5 baptisms at Heston 1817-1825. William's occupation was 'brickmaker' in 1817.

2) John and Sarah HIERONS (Ealing)
c 1766: John HIERONS birth (from age at death)

c 1790-1802: estimated marriage date to Sarah (Byng?) (c1771-1844); there is also a marriage of a John HIERONS to Sarah Stonely in 1796 at St. George Hanover Square)
1802-1813: 8 baptisms at St Mary Ealing; the 1813 baptism gives his occupation as gardener

3) 1827: Copy of Court Roll. ACC/0634/001 (London Metropolitan Archives)
(a) William VAUGHAN of Ealing.
(b) John HIERONS of Gunnersbury, Ealing, farmer and market gardner and Sarah his wife.
Two undivided moieties or half parts of and in two copyhold messuages situate in the front and on the North side of the entrance to Old Brentford being the west end houses of three messuages.
Surrender (out of Court on 9th March,1827) by (b).
Admission of (a) and Surrender to use of his Will.

4) There are also records of single baptisms:

  • James and Ann HIERONS (1777 Isleworth All Saints): James is a contemporary of John
  • James and Mary HIERONS (1788 Isleworth All Saints)
  • William and Jane HIERONS (1800 Isleworth All Saints)
  • James and Maria (1823 Heston - James was a brickmaker of Hounslow)

5) IGI possibilities in London area for baptisms of John HIERONS 1735-1755 include

  • 1733 Saint Andrew, Holborn, London (Irons)
  • 1737 Saint Anne Soho, Westminster (Irons) (a John HIERONS married Ann Hull at this church in 1768)
  • 1741 Saint John Smith Square, Westminster (Irons)
  • 1743 St Sepulchre, London (Irons)
  • 1743 Saint Luke Old Street, Finsbury (HIRONS)
  • 1747 Saint Martin In The Fields, Westminster (Irons)

6) IGI possibility in London area for marriage of John HIERONS 1765-1773:

  • 1768 Saint Paul Covent Garden, Westminster (John HIERONS / Elizabeth BARNHAM)


Page published May 2010