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Brentford Families - Hutchinson

Lynn Hayter wrote about her Hutchinson forebears and the following notes were published over the period 2008 to 2010. In April 2015 Lynn provided a further update in the form of a .pdf file. This includes details of Lynn's research during the last two years.

Hutchinson research

I've been researching my Mother's side of the family and have now discovered that they too lived on the High Street, so like you I seem to be quite tied to it. This is what I have found so far and please add it to the website if you want to.

In the 1871 census I found my great grandfather Charles James HUTCHINSON, wife Ann (Ann Maria HAYWOOD) and family living in the High Street, apparently next door to an unoccupied building known as "Mount Pleasant". Charles James was a carman and there were 6 in the household, which included his brother William, aged 22 and a waterman.

In the 1881 census I found them living at 407 High Street. Charles James was still a carman and by then he and Ann Maria had 6 children including my grandmother Harriet Eliza aged 3, who was born at number 407. Brother William had moved out but Elizabeth, Maria and Emma Hayward had moved in (said to be Mother, sister and sister but I think these must be the in-laws and the Hayward is a miss-spelling of Haywood).


By the 1891 census Ann Maria had died and Charles James had remarried to Eleanor COOMBER, a widow born in Dartford, Kent. They were then living at 79 Distillery Road with 3 of Ann Maria's children, George, Harriet E. (my grandmother) and Henry still at home, plus 2 of Eleanor's grown-up children, Elizabeth and Thomas R., who was a carman's assistant.

By the 1901 census Eleanor was a widow again and still living at 79 Distillery Road. Her son Thomas R. had moved out, her daughter Elizabeth had married Benjamin WAKELIN, a carman, and they and their 4 children were also resident. All of Ann Maria's children had left home, including my grandmother, who we believe went to work as a housemaid at the Atheneaum Private Members Club in London.

However, the relationship with Brentford High Street did not end as at least 1 of my grandmother's siblings (William John, a waterman) later lived in one of the roads off the High Street and my grandmother came back to live in Catherine Wheel Yard with her 3 daughters, the eldest of which was my Mother, Dorothy Elizabeth STONE.


Hutchinson family tree

Lynn has provided a PDF showing her Hutchinson and Haywood families from the early 19th century onwards.

John HUTCHINSON (born 1801, Pimlico) married Susan MANNING (born 1807, Pimlico) at St Mary Lambeth, 3 Jan 1825; living at Paradise Walk, Chelsea in 1841; living in Brentford in 1851 (possibly Catherine Wheel Yard), a labourer; John died of "Fever 2 weeks certified" on 4 May 1869 at One Tun Alley, Old Brentford; Susan died of "Convulsions 1 day certified" on 8 Jun 1869 at Sussex Place, Old Brentford; children included

  • John Hutchinson (ca 1828/9 Pimlico); labourer living with his parents in 1851
  • George Hutchinson (ca 1831/2 Pimlico)
  • Elizabeth Hutchinson (ca 1833/4 Pimlico)
  • Joseph Hutchinson (ca 1834/5 Pimlico)
  • Ann Hutchinson (ca 1836/7 Pimlico)
  • Emma Hutchinson: baptised 1 March 1846 at St Luke Chelsea
  • Charles James Hutchinson (born at No. 3 Paradise Walk Chelsea on 17th October 1842 - d. between 1891 & 1901): married (1) Ann Maria HAYWOOD (born 7 Jan 1843 in Old Brentford daughter of William Haywood, a fisherman, and Elizabeth Gumm); car man in 1871, living next door to 'Mount Pleasant' on the High Street; in 1881 across the road at no. 407; Ann Maria Hutchinson died aged 43 of Phthisis 6 years certified on 15 June 1887 at 409 High St., Brentford (In 1881 she was living at number 407 so perhaps she was taken ill at home at number 407 and went into the pub 'The Lamb' at no. 409 for help); Charles married Eleanor COOMBER, a widow born in Dartford, Kent by 1891; living 79 Distillery Road; six children by his first wife all born in Brentford including:
    • William John Hutchinson: born 17 July 1867 at old Brentford; he married and his first wife died (as far as I know without having any children), he re-married Florence Lilian Maud late DUFTON formerly MILLWARD, herself a widow and they had
      • Thomas William Hutchinson, born 19 June 1920 at 100 Studley Grange Road, Hanwell UD; Thomas married Iris Joan MILLWARD (born 21 June 1923 in Brentford) on 20 April 1946 (photo), they had no children; Thomas died in April 1993 in Bristol, aged 72 and Iris Joan died in May 2008 in hospital in Gloucester
    • Charles J Hutchinson (ca 1869/70 - )
    • James Henry Hutchinson: born 5 Mar 1871 at Poppet's Parlour, Old Brentford; he married Charlotte JAMES (born Brentford, daughter of William Henry JAMES) at St. Paul's, Brentford on 22 Oct 1894; they lived at 7 and then 83 Ealing Road, Brentford; James Henry was pot man in 1891, a barman in 1894, then a road labourer in 1901, a general labourer in 1906 and 1911, and a bricklayer in 1932; the couple had 9 children:
      • Rosia Ann Hutchinson born Qtr 4 1894
      • Mary Lillian Hutchinson born 14 Apr 1895 and bapt. 24 Aug 1896
      • Charles Hutchinson born 1900
      • Kathleen Ada Hutchinson born 1904
      • Ena Agnes Hutchinson born 4 Apr 1906 at 83 Ealing Road and bapt. 27 Apr 1906; Ena Agnes was Don Harris' mother, she married Frederick Charles HARRIS at St. Paul's, Brentford on 19 Nov 1932 (photo); they lived at 61 Mafeking Avenue, Brentford; Agnes worked as a cleaner at a house on the Great West Road and at Brentford Soap Works, where she had an accident and lost the top of her right index finger in a machine that punched out the soap; she was deaf; Ena Agnes died in West Middlesex Hospital on 25 May 1950; she and Frederick had 4 children:
        • unnamed baby boy born 7 Aug 1934 and died aged 6 hours
        • Donald (Don) Harris born 14 Nov 1936
        • Gillian Harris born 27 Nov 1945
        • Reginald Harris born 26 Apr 1949
      • Agnes Emma Hutchinson and Elizabeth Annie Hutchinson both born 24 June 1908 and bapt. 25 June 1908 and 17 July 1908 both died in Sept 1908
      • James Reginald Hutchinson born 19 June 1915 and bapt. 7 July 1915
      • Raymond Lionel Hutchinson born 28 July 1918 and bapt. 11 Aug 1918
    • George Hutchinson
    • Harriet Eliza Hutchinson (ca 1878): grandmother to Lynn Hayter; married and had three daughters including
      • Dorothy Elizabeth Stone
    • Henry Hutchinson
  • Henry Hutchinson (ca 1846/7 Brentford)
  • William Hutchinson (ca 1848/9 Brentford): waterman aged 22 living with his brother in 1871


Published July 2008; last updated May 2015