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Tithe Map of Ealing showing the Red Lion and to the west, Old Brentford, 1839/41

This image is reproduced courtesy of Corporation of London, London Metropolitan Archives

The property numbers on the map are those used in the tithe apportionment and are not the same as the house numbers allocated in 1876. Dwellings are shaded pink, work places, churches, outbuildings etc. are shaded grey

In the notes below tithe refs. are prefixed 'T', High Street house numbers have no prefix.

Tithe map, drawn by hand & water-coloured; this section shows the area to the west of The Red Lion

On the northern side of the High Street, working eastwards:

  • (T331 / 288 and 289): what was to become Rattenbury's with Albany Lane to its east leading to the Albany Chapel
  • (T324, T323, T322 / 290-294): block of five buildings, features in postcards on this site
  • (T322, T321, T320 / 295 and 296): set back from High Street, Doctors' surgeries for several generations; George Court entry lies to east
  • (T312 / 298/9?): described as a house, workshop and yard owned ans occupied by Ann Thick
  • (T278 / 318): the Red Lion PH is marked and appears to occupy more than one property
  • Between T278 and T276 lies Drum Lane (now Ealing Road)
  • (T276 / 319): the Drum PH

On the southern side of the High Street, working eastwards:

  • (T48): Ferry Lane Almshouses; the Waterman's Arms down Ferry Lane is marked
  • (T50): Malthouses, yard and wharf owned by Thomas Harrington, used by Sir Felix Booth
  • (T54 / 50): King George IV PH with Goat Wharf to the west
  • (T61 / 40 & 41): two houses, buildings and gardens owned by James Rustat Trimmer
  • (T71 / 34): property on eastern corner of Smith Hill
  • (T72 / 33): property owned by executors of John Round, whose demised at his own hand is decribed on this site

Details of owners and occupiers.

Published 2005; updated December 2010