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Brentford Market c1910 - 1920

Howard Webb sent in this Wakefield postcard image showing Brentford Market (he points out the mis-spelling - 'Brentfort'). It shows the frontage of the Market Building and the blurry car suggests the photographer was not one of Wakefield's finest.

Janet McNamara has written a detailed history of Brentford Market which includes earlier and later images. The image below is of the building built in 1893, it was to the east of Kew Bridge.

The names of some of the traders can be made out and match those from a 1914 street directory:

  • No. 1: Nathaniel Pegg & Co., coal merchants
  • No. 1A: Co-operative Coal Co, the sign in the window gives the Chief Office address: 107 Pancras Road, and there are other signs for 'Best Coal' and 'Kitchen Coal'; the 1914 directory has the 'New Co-operative Coal Co. Ltd.' at 1A, so perhaps the image is earlier
  • No. 2: Edwin A Cornwall, Cornwall's Coals, with a menu of coal options in the window, inclduing 'Hard Cobbles' and 'Best Brights'
  • No. 3: difficult to make out but in the 1914 directory it was Fillingham and Co., harness makers
  • No. 4: James Stout & Co., wine and spirit merchants; the 1914 directory has 'James Stout & Co. (R R Chovil)'
  • No. 4b: difficult to make out but in the 1914 directory it was Mrs A Moore, corn merchant
  • No. 5: difficult to make out but in the 1914 directory it was Staines Road Nursery Co., florists; no buckets of flowers suggesting it was a different business when the photo was taken

Howard also provided a high resolution scan allowing a couple of enlargements showing the people: some may have worked in the market.

Market frontage with several people looking towards the cameraman
Enlargement showing people
Enlargement showing people

Published May 2012