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Pharos Marine, 77 High Street, Brentford

Janet McNamara forwarded this photo taken by 'Christine Diwell, secretary of the Heritage Guides, of the entrance of Pharos Marine. I seem to remember having lots of their advertising material at one of our Local History days.'

Entrance to Pharos MarineThere are advertisements in the local press for Pharos Marine from 1985 to 1998, as at May 2023. An Experienced Secretary for the Marketing/Sales Department was sought in March 1985, 'aged between 25 and 40', applications to Mr ROWLEY, Personnel Manager.

In April 1998 an advertisement for a Customer Order Planner 'numerate, literate, flexible, conscientious and able to work under pressure'. Applications to Mr Tom WOOD, Supply Manager.

Middlesex Chronicle 1 April 1993 included a plausible piece about Pharos Marine winning an £18m contract with the Phillipines Government to design and assemble 98 solar powered lighthouses and beacons.

Ordnance Survey maps give clues to the site development. A revision of 1935, published 1936, shows two separate and irregularly-shaped buildings east of Dock Road, 78 on the corner with 77 next to it. The map surveyed 1959 to 1960, published 1961, shows 77 and 78 as one large building occupying the sites of the two earlier ones, with 'Works' behind them.

There is a piece about the Pharos Marine's Beacon Works in Brentford & Chiswick Local History Journal no. 32, 2023, by Sophie Bailey.


Brief history of 76 High Street and neighbouring properties. Number 77 was built on the site of a large timberyard which operated from 1814 well into the 20th century.

Photo of Pharos Marine works, 1973, Peter Young.

Photo from early 2000s, Felidae website.

Photo from June 2008 showing the Pharos Marine and Heidelberg buildings.

Some memories of Pharos Marine noted at Brentford Festival, 2008.

Published May 2023