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Will of John Beck, 1823

Angie BECK has provided transcripts of three BECK wills. This one was written in 1821, probate granted 1823.

The others are: Abraham BECK, proved 1805 and Abraham BECK, proved 1829.


I John BECK of Old Brentford in the parish of Ealing in the county of Middlesex formerly carrying on the trade of Linen Draper but now of Gardening do constitute this my last will and testament

first I give and bequeath to Mrs Elizabeth ? TODD a large family bible

the residue of my property of any or what description that shall or do belong to me at my decease but particularly the household furniture in the dwelling house formerly in my possession as tenant but now tenanted by Mrs Edmund TREDAWAY at which place I now reside the following goods furniture described as follows viz -
  • Goose feather bed
  • 4 good ditto ditto
  • 5 bolsters & 4 pair pillow
  • 5 Bedsteads
  • 3 Mattress
  • 3 Bed funitures
  • 5 (8?) pair sheets
  • 6 pair blankets
  • 6 quilts
  • 6 pair pillow cases
  • 2 large Table Cloths
  • 6 small ditto
  • 1 Double Chest of Drawers
  • 1 Bureau
  • 1 large Mahogany table
  • 3 small Mahogany tables
  • 3 Deal ditto
  • 1 Wainscot ditto
  • 1 Dozen Rush bottomed chairs
  • 6 Mahogany chairs
  • 1 ditto ditto
  • 1 stand
  • 1 painted ditto
  • 1 night chair
  • 1 knife Cast
  • 1 dozen knives and forks
  • 3 tea trays
  • 1 small ditto and Bread Basket + 2 decanters & stands
  • 1 dozen Glasses
  • 6 (runners or rummers) of Salts Cut Glass
  • 2 sets of China cups & Saucers & full set of Blue & White Dinner Service
  • 2 large trunks
  • 4 looking glasses and 1 dressing Glass
  • 40 books various and one Large Family Bible
  • 2 Tea Chests
  • one pair Plated Candlesticks
  • 6 Brass ditto
  • Large Copper
  • 5 Stoves
  • 4 sets Fire irons
  • 4 Fenders
  • 2 large Carpets
  • 3 pair bedside ditto
  • 2 hearth rugs
  • copper coal scuttle and copper tea ? kettle and 2 ? watches with the fixtures of the shop
unto my grandson John Beck TREDAWAY son of Sarah and Edmund TREDAWAY now about the age of eight years

and I do hereby further appoint Robert HUNT and George WALLACE and Edmund TREDAWAY my sole Executors of this my last will and Testament

and in case of my dying before the said John Beck TREDAWAY becomes of the age of 21 years then the aforesaid Executors to hold the same in trust for the aforesaid John Beck TREDAWAY

and in case of the aforesaid John Beck TREDAWAY dying before 21 years of age then the aforesaid property to be divided between the remaining children then living of the aforesaid Sarah & Edmund TREDAWAY

in witness thereof I have hereunto set my hand this 12th Day of March in the year of our Lord 1821 (signature) John Beck (signatures) Witness Robert HUNT, George WALLACE Edmund TREDAWAY

In the goods of John BECK deceased. Appeared personally William MATHEWS of New Brentford in the County of Middlesex Shoemaker & Henry WHITE of the same place Shoemaker and made oath that they knew and were well acquainted with John BECK late of Old Brentford in the Parish of Ealing in the County of Middlesex Gardener Deceased and also with his manner and character of handwriting and subscription having divers times seen him write and also write and subscribe his names to writings and having now carefully viewed and perused a certain paper writing hereunto annexed purporting to be and contain the last Will and Testament of the said deceased the same beginning thus

“I John BECK of Old Brentford in the parish of Ealing in the county of Middlesex” ending thus “ 12th Day of March in the year of our Lord 1821” and thus subscribed “John Beck” they depose and say they do verily (verify?)and in their consciences Believe the said name “John Beck” thereto set and subscribed to be of the proper handwriting and subscription of the said )of the said is repeated) John BECK deceased - (signatures) William MATHEWS Henry WHITE - 13 Day of October 1823 that said William MATHEWS & Henry WHITE were duly sworn to the truth of this affidavit before me (signature) John DANBURY Surrt (Surrogate) Pres’t W. ROTHERY Not Pub (Notary)

Proved at London 16 October 1823 before the Worshipful John DANBURY Dr of Laws & Surr’t by the oaths of Robert HUNT & George WALLACE two of the Executors to whom .....


The testator

Key points from the will:

John BECK was originally a linen draper, later a gardener

He had a grandson John Beck TREDAWAY age about 8 in 1821, son of Sarah and Edmund TREDAWAY.

He was formerly tenant of a property (presumably in Old Brentford) which was now tenanted by Mrs Edmund TREDAWAY, presumably his daughter.


The witnesses & executors

Robert HUNT: an 1826 trade directory includes John HUNT, linen draper, New Brentford.

George WALLACE: the same directory includes Henry WALLACE, market gardener (when John BECK described his occupation as ''gardener' it is more likely he worked in or ran a market garden than tended domestic gardens).

Edmund TREDAWAY: the same directory includes an Edmund TREDAWAY, boot and shoemaker; in the 1851 census he was living at around 375 High Street; however he was born in Buckinghamshiore and his wife was Rebecca - both aged 67.

William MATHEWS: there were MAT(T)HEWS in Brentford but no William MATHEWS at a High Street address.

Henry WHITE: in the1841 and 1851 censuses a Henry WHITE, shoe maker, lived at around 226 High Street.

The legatees

Elizabeth TODD: in the 1841 census an Elizabeth TODD was recorded in the Brentford Registration District, she was aged 50-54 then so might be the person who received the family bible.

How to see this will in full

A copy of the original will can be downloaded from The National Archives Documents Online service, or it can be viewed free of charge by visiting TNA at Kew.


Published December 2010