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Screen spots: Dock Road (Theatre of Blood) and an unknown site, perhaps Brentford (Doctor Who)

Count Otto Black (deceased) wrote in February 2020:
Dock Road in 1973 and 2020

Quite by chance, I recently discovered that the excellent 1973 horror movie Theatre Of Blood starring the incomparable Vincent Price was partly shot in Dock Road, Brentford. Or to be precise, in the nondescript muddy area just off the road, which has since been cleaned up; I've attached a snapshot showing how the scene in the film compares with the location today.

It's the scene near the beginning of the movie where Price's character Edmund Lionheart, who is assumed to be dead after plunging into the Thames from a great height, washes up barely alive on a festering mudflat and is revived with a swig of meths by a gang of tramps who thereafter become his utterly devoted murderous minions for no reason at all. Nowadays there's a Theater of Blood Walking Tour, which pauses at the sacred spot for everyone to ceremonially swig pink fluid I assume isn't really methylated spirits.

And it's perhaps worth mentioning that, according to the movie Bedazzled (the 1967 original with Pete & Dud, not the appalling remake), God lives in the Great Conservatory at Syon House, where He is visited by Peter Cook's Satan.

Incidentally, in the Doctor Who serial Terror Of The Zygons, made way back in 1975 when Doctor Who was still good, the titular shape-shifting extraterrestrials fly their spaceship from Loch Ness to London, landing, we are told, "just outside Brentford". However, their landing-site doesn't seem to match any possible locations in that area. I've attached a photo.
Zygon spaceship, 1975

Published February 2020