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Brentford Families - Bissell

Dave Padbury wrote in 2012 with details of the Bissell family, he is a great great grandson of William Henry James and Eliza Bissell. He added

"I have a chit showing a christening of Elizabeth Bissell at St Mary's church Ealing on March 24 1765 with the parents as Jeremiah and Ann Bissell.These must be the parents of Jeffrey.This means Jeremiah was born about 1725-35 a really old Brentford family."

Jeffrey Bissell born 1767 Ealing died 1837 Brentford; married Mary Widmer born 1774 Brentford died 1819 Brentford in 1791 Hanwell; eleven kids:

  • Jeffrey Bissell born 1791 Ealing died 1856 Brentford; married Sarah Crouch born 1791 Ealing died 1847 Brentford in 1812 Ealing;nine kids:
    • Eliza Bissell
    • Maria Bissell
    • Henry Bissell
    • James Bissell
    • John Bissell
    • Thomas Bissell
    • Edward Bissell
    • Ann Bissell
    • Caroline Bissell
  • Thomas Bissell born 1796 Ealing married Frances Bugboard born 1798 Ruislip in 1823 Ruislip
  • Martha Bissell born 1798 Ealing married James Newman born 1796 Ealing in 1820 Hanwell
  • James Bissell born 1801 Ealing died 1858 Brentford; married Sarah Brucass born 1806 Ealing died 1894 Brentford in 1824 Ealing; ten kids:
    • Rachel Bissell
    • Mary Bissell
    • Lucy Bissell
    • Sarah Bissell
    • James Bissell
    • Emma Bissell
    • Ann Bissell
    • Susannah Bissell
    • James Jonathan Bissell
    • Elias Bissell
  • Ann Bissell
  • Elizabeth Bissell
  • Mary Ann Bissell
  • John Bissell
  • Henry Bissell born 1811 Ealing married Rachel Dawton born 1814 Hanwell Moor in 1835 Westminster; seven kids:
    • Henry Bissell
    • Ann Bissell
    • Alfred Bissell
    • William Bissell
    • Emily Bissell
    • Ellen Bissell
    • another Alfred Bissell
  • Charlotte Bissell born 1814 Ealing married Robert Kercheval born 1814 Brentford in 1842 Brentford; they had seven kids
  • William Bissell

Dave has also provided details of his research into the James and Padbury families and contributed to the Dear family details.


Page published March 2012