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Brentford Families - Dorey

Janet McNamara has researched the Dorey family and prepared a chronology and also forwarded a number of local newspaper cuttings describing Dorey funerals.

Two of the Dorey family (John and John J) served as Brentford Local Board Members and Councillors, see intro page for more details of early local government structure.

A summary tree has been prepared showing those involved in the building business.

The plaster carving image in this page's top border is from a Dorey building.


This seems to have been a large family that started on Strand on the Green and were involved in the building trade through several generations.

A file was made for Chiswick library in January 2001 from records at St Nicholas Church, Chiswick showing George Dorey a stonemason (born 1791) who was married to Elizabeth. They had a large family and in 1837 it seems George hanged himself from a tree on Ealing Common. (There is a burial at St Nicholas, Chiswick of George Dorey of Strand on the Green in 1840, aged 49, 'By Coroner's Order' - looks like the right man, so 1840, not 1837?)

Son William Doreyhad been born in 1815. His wife was Lucy.

Their son Joseph William (born 1823) married Isabel and would seem to be the founder of the Dorey building company in Brentford in 1850. Joseph died in 1884 and is commemorated on the pulpit at St George’s Church Old Brentford.

In the next generation, John Joseph was a local businessman and member of the Local Board. The Dorey company of him and his brothers built many local public buildings including St George’s and St Faith’s Churches and St Lawrence’s Vicarage as well as many local houses.


A Dorey Chronology, 1841 - 2010

In the 1841 census William and Lucy Dorey were living at Back Lane, Chiswick. William was a stonemason and they had a daughter, Ann (9) and 4 sons Joseph (15), George (15) – ages rounded down – William (5) and Henry (1). William and Lucy are shown as 40.

1842 Death of William Dorey (gravestone found at St Nicholas, Chiswick)

Messrs. Joseph Dorey and Co. Ltd., Distillery Road, Brentford: founded in 1848 (newspaper obituary of John Henry Dorey, 1940). However the next item suggests a slightly later date.

1850 - Advert in 1888 directory shows J. Dorey established 1850.

1851 Census at Strand on the Green – Joseph Dorey (27) Mason labourer, wife Isabella (25) born Hanwell, John Joseph (3) and William (? months). Children born in Chiswick.

Lucy (51) Widow Laundress, George (25) stonemason journeyman, William (14) plumbers apprentice, Henry (12) scholar (Henry is in the 1891 census of Hammersmith, a publican, aged 52, born Chiswick; his wife and two grown up children were born in Brentford).


1861 census at 1 Hawthorn Cottages, Ealing Lane Joseph W Dorey (39) Mason employing 6? men and 2 boys, wife Isabella 37 born Hanwell, Daughter Isabella (16), John J (13), William (11) scholar, Charles (7) scholar, Thomas (5) scholar, Lucy (2). Thomas & Lucy born Brentford, the rest in Chiswick.

1871 marriage -John Joseph Dorey (22, a mason of Ealing, son of Joseph William Dorey, a mason) to Louisa Thomas (17, of Hillingdon Road, Hillingdon, daughter of Henry Thomas, a lighterman) at St Andrew's church, Hillingdon, by licence

1871 census Ealing Lane John W Dorey (48?) stonemason, Isabella (46), Charles (17) mason, Thomas (14) pupil teacher, Lucy (11) scholar, Fanny (6) scholar, Ada (4) scholar, servant and Thomas Selwood (3) grandson.

1872 directory - Henry, Tobacconist High Street

1881 Census
Joseph Dorey
(58) Builder b Chiswick living at 70, Ealing Road + wife Isabella (56 b Hanwell), 3 daughters, servant and son, Thomas (24) builder all born in Brentford.

Bulls Head, Riverside, Chiswick – George (38) Stone mason, wife Harriet (33), sons Joseph (12) and George (8) both scholars, sisters Ann D (46) and Eliza Harriet (45) both laundry women + Eliza’s son George (20) Labourer and a lodger. All born Chiswick except the lodger. (Poole)

351 High Street - John J Dorey (33) stonemason b Chiswick, wife Louisa (27) born Brentford and son John H (4) born in Brentford.

Back Lane, Chiswick. Emma D (39) M, son Joseph (7), daughter Lizzie (4) all born Chiswick.

1884 Death of Joseph William Dorey aged 61 recorded in the September quarter in Brentford 3a p56. Newspaper reports of death and funeral.

6 April 1886 Local Board minutes show ‘ Plans from Mr Dorey for the rebuilding of St George’s Church Old Brentford were approved’.

1888 Directory J. Dorey, Builder & Contractor, Distillery Road (advert p20)

1888/9 Directory James, 3, Steam Packet Terrace, Waldeck Road.
William, 41, Kew Bridge Road.
George stonemason, Strand on the Green.
William, plumber, Strand on the Green.

1889 Death Registration - Louisa Dorey, aged 36, Brentford Registration District ref 3a page 55

1890 trade directory John J Dorey, Hamilton Road. (This is Haldon House, number 17 – see picture)

Thomas George Dorey, the Barge Aground, 361 High Street


1891 Census - Thomas H Dorey, builder, 34 at 8 Hamilton Road, Brentford, with wife Amy (29) and children Anne (8), Joseph J. (6), Thomas H. (3) and Gertrude I(sabel). (2 months) - all born Brentford.

Charles Dorey, builder (37) at 20 Hamilton Road, Brentford, with wife Emma (35), unmarried sister-in-law Nellie Berrie (29) and Harry Sellwood, nephew (10), all born Brentford. A Charles William Dorey marriage and an Emma Hobbs marriage were recorded on the same page in a register from 1883, Brentford Registration District (freeBMD).

John H 'Dory', age 14, was a scholar at St George's school, Eastbourne

John Joseph Dorey - not found

1891 John Joseph Dorey – was one of the executors of the estate of William Kates with Albert Edward Furness.

1893/4 William – as above
Charles, Glenthorn, Windmill Road.
Mrs D. 17, Hamilton Road.
Mrs D. Strand on the Green.
Robert, 62, Braemar Road.
Thomas Henry, 36, Cambridge Rd, Chiswick.
William, 3, Grosvenor Road, Brentford.

1894/5 James, 3, Steam Packet Terrace.
Mrs D, Haldon House, 17, Hamilton Road.
Mrs D Strand on the Green.
Robert, 62, Braemar Road.

1895 J J Dorey on the foundation stone at the Baths.

1895/6 Directory - William, Strand on the Green.
Charles, Glenthorn, Windmill Road.
James, Steam Packet Tce.
Mrs D. 17, Hamilton Road.
T H. Cambridge Rd.
William, 3, Grosvenor Road.

1896 Directory - Sidney, Ferry Lane
George, 149, High Street.
George, The Ham.
Charles, Windmill Road.
John 17, Hamilton Road.
John, 1, Green Dragon Lane.
Charles William, 68, Distillery Road.
William, 3, Grosvenor Road.
Dorey & Co, Distillery Road. (advert notes that company formed 1850 and adds ‘ Contractors to Office of Works and War Office’).

1897J J Dorey on foundation stone at the Fire Station (chairman).
On foundation stone West Middlesex Hospital near the chapel 1900 and 1902 – J Dorey & Co. Builders Brentford

1898John Joseph Dorey married Annie Harriet Fell in Westminster registration district, first quarter of 1898, volume 1a page 747 (FreeBMD).


1901 Census
3, Grove Road. Thomas Henry (43) Builder, wife Amy, 3 daughters 18, 10 and 7 and sons Joseph T (16) and Thomas H (13) all born in Brentford. (Brother of JJ)

127, Windmill Road, Charles J (47) Builder. H Selwood nephew (19) carpenter. (brother of JJ).

Hambleton. Joseph D (32) born Brentford, wife Rose (26) born Hammersmith.

39, Boston Park Road, William (50) working stone mason (50), wife Ellen (52), daughter Edith E (27) + niece, 3month old granddaughter.

149, High Street, Thomas G licensed Victualler, the Six Bells, wife Elizabeth (44), daughter Ellen May, two sons Sidney 16, Thomas 14 and widowed mother Harriet (80).

59, The Ham, George (51) Lighterman barge worker + wife and 8 children. 2 eldest sons also lightermen.

1, Green Dragon Lane, William (51) reservoir keeper and wife Sarah (51) both born in Brentford.

1903 J J Dorey on the foundation stone at the Library
Jos Dorey & Co. Builder – Library (1903)

1905 Jos Dorey & Co Ltd Builders – on foundation stone at Market Extension

1909 Jno J Dorey – On the Brentford Monument (vice chairman)

1909/11 from valuation records Messrs Dorey Bros Ltd owned 351 – 363 High Street (ie between Bull Lane/Pottery Road and New North Road). Also numbers 389/390 High Street – shown as old and dilapidated and no entry in trade directories by 1913.


1911 census - John Joseph Dorey, 63, a builder at 39 Hamilton Road, Brentford, married for 13 years to Annie H (36), Mary A, 3 year old daughter born Hastings, Sussex, and two servants, a cook and a nurse. The couple had two other children who were alive but not living at home.

Thomas Dorey, master builder, 54, of 3 Grove Road, Brentford, married 30 years but no wife recorded, 5 children including Joseph (26) and Thomas (24) both builder's foremen, Gertrude (20) and Amy (16) - all born Brentford, plus two servants, Florence and May (or Mary?) Bates.

1918 John Joseph Dorey contractor of Park House died 22.9.1918 (see reports in the paper of death and funeral).

3.11.1921 Death of Thomas Henry Dorey announced in the Middlesex Independent. Aged 64 (Brentford 3a 200). He was a brother of JJ, had served on the Board of Guardians and had stood for the Local Board but not elected. See the same paper's account of his funeral.

22.12.1926 Death of Thomas Dorey Selwood, 79, Windmill Road aged 59 (Brentford 3a 200)

1934 Funeral of James Clements Mr & Mrs JH Dorey sent floral tributes and Mr JH Dorey (son of JJ) was present at the church and the graveside.

29.2.1940 death of John Henry Dorey of 48, Boston Park Road, master builder and Haldon House, Boston Park Road aged 61. Registered March quarter 1940 (Brentford 3a 718).

1940s – memories on this website – "in Distillery Road was J Dorey and sons builders merchants selling mostly timber. The property ran through to Pottery Road behind the High Street shops with a 1st floor opening to load goods from Pottery Road."

2010 one Dorey in the Chiswick telephone Directory.


Dorey tree

This tree shows just the line of men who were involved in the family buidling and other businesses:
George Dorey (1791-1840)
  • Joseph William Dorey (1823-1884)
    • John Joseph Dorey (1849-1918)
      • John Henry Dorey (1877-1940)
    • Charles Joseph Dorey (1854-1929?)
    • Thomas Henry Dorey (1856-1921)
      • Joseph Thomas Dorey (1885-1950)
      • Thomas Henry Dorey (1887-1938)

Other material

Janet has also provided photos John Dorey from his time of serving as a councillor in 1894 and 1897, an example of his signature and notes of local Dorey buildings. To be added as time permits. Top

Page published December 2010, last updated August 2011