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Brentford Local Board Members and Councillors

Janet McNamara extracted information about Brentford Local Board members and councillors from a range of sources during 2010/2011, including material held at Chiswick Library and on-line ( Eventually it is hoped to include for each man some biographical details, perhaps a photo, adverts for their business, accounts from the local newspapers of their funerals etc. Material will be added over time.

From a researcher's point of view you are fortunate if your family includes a councillor: there are group photos of councillors (Chiswick Library holds several) and local newspapers will often include an obituary, which may provide details of their family and forebears, and details of their funeral, including lists of mourners. See the A-Z of councillor names which includes links to further material provided by Janet.

A brief history of Brentford local government

In 1874 the Brentford Local Board was formed, creating the first body which governed both Old and New Brentford. The Brentford Local Board initially met at the Town Hall, Market Place (postcard view, early 1900s, then in 1888 moved to Clifden House.

In 1894 the Local Board was replaced by Brentford Urban District Council and in 1927 this joined with Chiswick to become the Brentford & Chiswick UDC. In 1932 this body became a Municipal Borough, with a mayor and aldermen: the first (charter) mayor was James Clements.

In 1965 Brentford became part of the London Borough of Hounslow.

The following notes are in date order and comprise various articles located by Janet McNamara, Peter King and Mary Blyth which provide some insights into Victorian and later local government and the men that served.


Local Board Members / Councillors 1874

Peter King has provided a list of attendees at the first meeting of the Brentford Local Board in 1874:
  • HS Barnes
  • William Barnes
  • Henry Besley
  • John Carpenter
  • George Clarke
  • Charles Cross
  • John Figg
  • William Gomm
  • George H Jupp
  • Thomas Layton: Thomas Layton website
  • John Meyers
  • James Montgomrey

Committees in 1882

After the Election in 1882 the following people were committee members:


  • Honeybone
  • Clarke
  • Lewis
  • Nash
  • Walker
  • Gomm
  • Croxford
  • Goddard
  • Braden
  • Jackson
  • Honeybone
  • Goddard
  • Bignell
  • Nash
  • Lewis
  • Gomm
  • Walker
  • Lewis
  • Bignall
  • Honeybone
  • Goddard
  • Nash
  • Braden

Details of the 1881 census are reported on Feb 7th 1882 (page 19).


1883 Local Board

Wall plaque 'Brentford Local Board 1883' with names
In 1883 the following names went on the Sewage Pumping Station plaque:

  • Robert R Bignell
  • Charles Braden
  • George Clarke
  • Henry Croxford
  • Samuel Goddard
  • William Gomm
  • Thomas Honeybone
  • Walter H Jackson
  • Thomas Layton (chairman)
  • Joseph B Lewis
  • Frederick Nash
  • Stephen Walker
  • and Stephen Woodbridge was the Clerk

1884 Local Board

On 5 April 1884 the following nominations for Local Board were reported in the local newspaper:

  • Charles Braden, miller, Holly House, Boston Road (nom. by Mr Gomm (the late), Mr Bradbury & Mr Nash)
  • George Charles Collier, spirit merchant, 194 High Street (Mr J O Neville)
  • Joseph Bridges Lewis, draper, 129 & 130 High Street (Mr Gomm, Mr Bradbury & Mr Nash)
  • W Merriman, soap-maker, Beaufort House, Butts (Mr Montague Ballard, Mr G H Jupp and Mr G Smith)
  • James Stevens, gentleman, Pembroke Cottage Enfield Road (Mr W G Brown, Mr H Smith and Mr Reeves)
  • Stephen Walker, timber merchant, Park Lodge, Boston Road (Mr Gomm, Mr Bradbury & Mr Nash)
  • Simon Hirst Watkins, merchant, Brentford End, Isleworth (Mr J T G Morris, Mr W H Jackson & Mr B Gregory)
  • Henry Willey WIlliams, gentleman, Park House, Boston Road (Mr J F Adcock) A note followed that 'Mr Williams ... withdraws from the contest'

1886 Brentford District Council

In 1896 the Members, Clerk, Surveyor, and Medical Officer of the Brentford District Council were:

  • George Band
  • Dr Henry Bott (Medical Officer)
  • Mr Chovil
  • James Clements
  • George Charles Collier
  • Charles J Cross
  • John J Dorey
  • W J Gomm
  • Walter H Jackson
  • Thomas Layton
  • Nowell Parr (Surveyor)
  • Henry Taylor
  • Joseph Thomas Taylor
  • Edwin Underwood
  • Stephen Woodbridge (Clerk) .

Attendances of Members between 18th April 1893 and 20th November 1894

Today we scrutinise local papers or council websites for details of councillor attendances and their expenses; in 1894 expenses were not published (could councillors claim expenses?) but meeting attendances were.

The table below lists the 12 councillors in descending order of attendance at board meetings during a 7 month period: each month a councillor was expected to attend around six board meetings and, depending on the committees they served on, anything up to a further nine committee meetings.

Of the five committees four are as in 1882; the Streets Naming and Numbering Committee of 1882 had presumably done its job (the High Street was numbered in 1876) and the Market Committee was the 'special project' of the day: the new Market Hall opened in 1893 (the site has some photos of the hall, use Search on the home page to find images). The number of meetings called, 21, seems low as three of the councillors attended more meetings than this.

Name Board Meetings Finance Committee Works Committee Market Committee Sanitary Committee Fire Brigade Committee
  (possible attendances: 42) poss attends: 35) (poss attends: 52) (meetings called: 21) (meetings called: 47) (meetings called: 20)
Layton, Thomas 42   2      
Jackson 41   33 43   16
Underwood, E 38   48      
Chovil, WG 39 33     28 9
Collier, Geo 37   46     16
Taylor, Heny 37 30     27  
Taylor, JT 36     47    
Dorey, JJ 35   24      
Cross, CJ 33     31 32  
Band, Geo 31 27       14
Addey, RE 16     17 3  
Gomm (commenced 19th June 1894) 11 8        


1899-1905 Brentford Elections

See Brentford and Chiswick Local History Society's website charting George Haley's candidacy: first bearer of the Labour banner. All candidates are listed, including their occupation and votes gained.

This article by John Grigg was originally published in the Brentford & Chiswick Local History Journal 4 (1985).

Photo taken at the opening of Brentford Library, 1904 showing the Library Committee and other dignitaries.

1908 Brentford Councillors

The report of the 1908 funeral of W J Gomm in a local newspaper included a list of District Councillors and officials:
  • Councillors
  • W Bradley
  • James Clements
  • John Dorey (vice chairman)
  • G Lamb
  • J B Milburn
  • H Newens
  • W J Noy
  • Evan Phillips JP (chairman)
  • C E Saunders
  • J T Taylor JP CC
  • Dr W H Walter
  • Officials
  • Harry Coleman (sanitary inspector)
  • J W Croxford (surveyor)
  • James Prince (rate collector)
  • Stephen Woodbridge (clerk)


Brentford UDC Members and Officials 1927

Diane Lockie and Janet McNamara sent a 1927 newscutting showing the 18 members and officials of the last Brentford UDC, which was succeeded by the Brentford and Chiswick UDC:
  • WJ Bolton
  • James Clements JP, Vice-Chairman
  • Harry Coleman, Sanitary Inspector
  • Charles Henry Curtis
  • Harry F Davis
  • E Digby, Market Superintendent
  • W Flewitt
  • T Grant
  • JB Hart
  • William Henry Mills JP, CC , Chairman
  • AE Moore
  • RC Neil, Ministry of Health
  • Henry J Newens
  • Frederick Francis Poole
  • Thomas William Stockley
  • C Turner, Clerk
  • Fred A Turner, Librarian
  • WJW Westlake, Surveyor


A-Z of councillors and officials

This is not (yet) a complete list.
Surname Forname(s) / Initials
Addey Robert Edward
Band George
Barnes Henry Samuel
Barnes William
Bellamy William Henry
Besley Henry
Bignell Robert Richard
Bott Dr Henry
Bolton William James
Braden Charles
Bradley William
Brown William George
Brunsden Thomas
Carpenter John
Challis George
Chovil William George
Clarke George
Clayton Forrester
Clements James
Coleman Harry
Collier George Charles
Commins John Stephen
Cross Charles J
Croxford Henry Newman
Croxford JW
Curtis Charles Henry
Davis HF
Digby E
Dodge Henry William
Doran Thomas Edward
Dorey John
Dorey John J
Faulkner Charles
Figg John
Flewitt William
Geisler Samuel
Goddard Samuel
Gomm Henry Thomas (Harry)
Gomm William
Gomm William John
Grant Thomas
Green Robert Knopp
Grew William
Griffith George Arthur
Gubbins Joseph Stanislaus
Haley George
Hart Joseph Benjamin
Hewett Lewis Harry
Honeybone Thomas
Jackman Charles
Jackson Walter H
Jones Edward C
Jupp George Harman
Lamb George WH
Layton Thomas
Lee William
Lewis Joseph Bridges
Merriman William A
Meyers John
Milburn James Booth
Mills William Henry
Montgomrey Archibald Sim
Montgomrey James
Moore Albert Edward
Nash Frederick
Neil RC
Newens Henry J
Newth Frederick Stephen
Noy William John
Paine James Henry
Parr Nowell
Parsons Alice Maud Geraldine
Pearce George
Phillips Evan
Piper Thomas
Poole (Frederick) Francis
Reeder John
Saunders Christopher Ernest
Spokes Ernest John Edward
Stockley Thomas William
Taylor Henry
Taylor Joseph Thomas
Turner C
Turner FA
Underwood Edwin
Walker Stephen
Walter Dr William Henry
Ward Isaac
Westlake WJW
Woodbridge Stephen


Published March 2011; updated July 2016